They call us…

Grey background and to portraits combined with seamless transition. Two males, looking up against the light. Grey background.
Cover for our podcast.

This is the cover for our Swedish podcast. We, that is me Jon and my friend Markus. The title translates to “They call us photographers”. The portraits where taken in my livingroom, and the editing was done with Affinity Photo.

This podcast will be a tool for me. To speak with other photographers and get to know other peoples views on photography. We plan to talk to known photographers as well as them who just do it out of personal interest. But it is in Swedish, so if you don’t understand Swedish you don’t have much use of this information. =)

But I believe that what I learn can inspire me to posts here, and if I reference the podcast. You know which podcast I refer to.

And perhaps sometime we will talk to someone who speaks English, if we do. Then I will post the link to that episode here.

It is August, and for a couple of weeks this blog will be slow. But I plan to post a couple of posts every week during this fall and forth. I hope I can contribute with something to you, and you are most welcome to comment on posts or contact me regarding just about anything. Questions, suggestions, critic or if you are in Gothenburg and what to grab a coffee and hang out for a while.